Photo of Michael Ruhs, Co-Founder of TailHand


Co-Founder & CEO

Suzie Ruhs, Co-Founder of TailHand

Suzie Ruhs

Co-Founder & COO

Seth Holmes, Chief Financial Officer of TailHand

Seth Holmes

Chief Financial Officer

Melanie Asher, MBA, Chief Marketing Officer of TailHand

Melanie Asher

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Lang, VP of Business Development at TailHand

Michael Lang

VP of Business Development

Alec Kleinfeld, Creative Director at TailHand

Alec Kleinfeld

Creative Director

Steph Sides, Director of Digital Marketing at TailHand

Steph Sides

Director of Digital Marketing

Chad Attlesey, Senior Product Engineer at TailHand

Chad Attlesey

Senior Product Engineer

Daniel Schilk

Industrial Designer

Harrison Kelly

Social Media Director

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