2021 Best new truck product of the year

TailHand was named SEMA's Truck & Off-Road Alliance 2021 Best New Truck Product of the Year at the 2021 SEMA Show.

What is tailhand?

TailHand is a customizable pickup truck accessory that transforms your tailgate into a highly versatile portable workstation. It enables you to use not only TailHand accessories but your current tools like ratchet straps, clamps, power tools and more. By attaching to the tailgate of almost any mid-size or full-size pickup truck, the TailHand secures and stabilizes tools, equipment, and materials, letting you get more done, from anywhere.

Job Site Versatility

TailHand and its range of accessories enhance everything you do with your truck, enabling you to manage any project with efficiency.

Work safely, anywhere

Working right from your tailgate without an “extra hand” puts you at risk for injury and costly mistakes.  TailHand is designed to keep tools, equipment, and materials from slipping and causing injuries or damage.

Safely Secure Your Tools

TailHand uses a patented locking key system on several accessories. TailHand accessories lock your materials in place, ensuring you work safely and with precision.

Precision work, from anywhere

The TailHand system provides a solution for anyone looking to do precision work from their truck. No more compromising between craftsmanship and portability.

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Skilled Trades Pro

Whether you are doing woodworking, plumbing, mobile welding, or any other project, TailHand makes any task safer and more efficient, saving you money and time.

Home Reno Guru

Home renovation lovers do it all – carpentry, plumbing, cabinet installation and more to keep projects moving forward, and profitable. TailHand adds efficiency to almost every task – securely holding tools and materials giving you the “extra set of hands” you so often need onsite.

The Weekend Warrior

There's no denying that owning a truck simply offers you the ability to do more. Whether you're helping a buddy haul furniture or building a raised garden in your backyard, TailHand helps you get more done faster.

Easy To Install

Installing your TailHand is an easy 2-step process. Install the TailHand frame to your tailgate and then mount the TailHand work surface to the frame. Now you're ready to work!

Pickup Trucks

TailHand Dimensions

Full Size
Pickup Trucks

TailHand Dimensions


What can I do with my new TailHand?

Frankly, the possibilities are endless and we’re excited to see all of the creative ways our customers use their TailHand. The TailHand system provides a versatile work surface and customizable accessories that let you  work with large, unwieldy or heavy tools and materials safely and efficiently, from anywhere. For ideas on how to increase your Truckability®, check out some of our examples. 

Is TailHand compatible with my truck?

TailHand is compatible with almost all midsize and standard pickup truck tailgates. We offer two sizes in order to give you the best fit for your truck. Our easy-to-install frame provides the flexibility you need to ensure a secure installation, regardless of your midsize or standard truck make or model. Check out our exact specifications to select the TailHand that best fits your truck. 

Certain tailgate features, such as split tailgates or unfolding steps, may not be compatible with TailHand.   

Will TailHand interfere with anything in the bed of my truck?

The TailHand platform is 2.25” deep and should not interfere with factory-installed truck bed features. However, it’s always a good idea to measure your specific truck in advance to be sure the TailHand will not interfere with your unique set-up. Check out our detailed specifications

Does the TailHand Platform require installation?

Yes but we've made sure it’s fast and easy to do. Installing TailHand is a simple 2-step process: first you’ll install the frame to your tailgate and then you’ll attach the TailHand work surface to the frame. Every TailHand ships with easy-to-understand installation instructions and you can always check out our install video.

Where can I buy TailHand?

TailHand is available to buy, yet. We're working hard to make it available for you as quickly as possible.

How durable is my TailHand?

The TailHand work surface is constructed of extruded aluminum and other metal components, all manufactured in the U.S.A.. The TailHand work surface is also e-coated, which is a method of painting that uses electrical current to deposit paint on a surface. E-coating provides superior corrosion resistance, is environmentally friendly and ensures your TailHand lasts forever.

Most TailHand accessories are made from a combination of metal and highly durable injection molded glass-reinforced nylon, which can handle significant stress without bending or breaking, providing you with the reliability you need for even your toughest projects.  

How much weight can the TailHand hold? 

We have successfully stress-tested the TailHand work surface with weights of up to 500 pounds. However, pickup truck tailgates have their own weight limits. It’s important that you check your truck’s individual owners manual to be sure you protect your tailgate when increasing your Truckability®. 

Can I remove my TailHand and reinstall it on another tailgate?

Yes! It is easy to remove your TailHand and install it on another tailgate, which increases the value of your TailHand system. Whether you’d like to purchase a second frame for easy movement between multiple tailgates or simply detach your original frame and install it on an alternate tailgate, your TailHand can go with you to increase your Workability®. 


"Once you get TailHand in your hands, you can easily see and feel the quality of the product itself. It's fair enough to say that the TailHand may even outlast the tailgate iteself!

TailHand is a very innovative product that we never knew we needed until it was made a reality! It is built to withstand the hard conditions of our work environment, yet sleek enough to add character to any truck and make it look ten times better, with the added Cool factor."

Jorge Ramos, CEO, TOP GUN Performance Tuning

"For the 2021 TORA Best New Product Award, we looked for something truly new and innovative, something that wasn't simply a new version of an old product. TailHand is that: a truly unique, industry-defining new truck product."

Matt Reasoner, National Sales Manager, Truck Hero & Chair-Elect, TORA