Our Values

TailHand was founded with a simple mission in mind: XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX


Our core values drive everything about how we do business, from hiring the right team members to how we treat our customers and partners.


We make decisions with gusto and don’t shy away from the tough stuff. We believe our customers do the same and need products that allow them to be bold as well. 


No one person is more valuable than the next; No egos here. We are clear and vocal about our knowledge gaps and limitations and actively seek out expertise and support to fill those gaps. 


Not just our product but our people and company too. We do what we say we’re going to do. We believe in being consistent in the support we provide and the way we do business. 


We care about people more than anything else and believe it’s our responsibility to treat people with kindness and respect, whether it’s our customers, employees or partners.