Which SEMA Show 2021 Trucks Were Best?

With our TailHand product smack in the middle of the “aftermarket truck accessory” category, it’s probably no surprise that those of us drawn to the start-up of this business have a certain affinity for pickup trucks.  In one of our early team conversations, as we were still getting to know each other, we submitted pictures and shared stories about our favorite classic trucks.

Follow along to learn more about Team TailHand's favorite rides of all time, as well as the greatest trucks we got to admire at SEMA 2021

What are Team TailHand's Favorite Pickup Trucks? 

The submissions from Team TailHand when requested to share our favorite trucks ran the full gamut, from broadly popular and familiar picks like the first-generation Ford Bronco and early 70’s Chevys to more esoteric selections like the post-war Studebaker M-Series.  In some cases the choices reflected cherished childhood memories of well-worn utility farm trucks (still in use, or not) seen on visits to our grandparents; others were more recent discoveries at car shows or other events.  Needless to say, we can’t look at a truck, new or old, without thinking about a TailHand added to the gate.

What was SEMA Show 2021 Like? 

If you have been following our TailHand journey, you may already be aware that we had an opportunity to attend the SEMA show in Las Vegas in November as one of the 15 semi-finalists in the organization’s Launch Pad competition for start-ups.  SEMA – the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association – is the trade group representing providers of every conceivable aftermarket product you might need (or just desire) for enhancing a vehicle.  The event itself is massive, and even with the caution and restraint of COVID, drew over 1,300 exhibitors and 51,000 attendees in a million square feet of exhibition space in and surrounding the Las Vegas Convention Center.  

You can learn more about our Launch Pad experience in the SEMA Show 2021: Lessons Learned From Our First SEMA Show guide. 

The Clear Winner for Best SEMA Truck 2021 - the Ford Bronco!!!

Ford Bronco at Sema Show 2021

The resulting environment is a candy store for truck fans, with hundreds of often highly customized examples on display.  The range of trucks at SEMA is dizzying, with everything from the classics (we each saw multiple examples of our personal favorites) to upcoming new model year introductions.  Most impressive was the range of new Broncos on display – modified concepts from Ford and many others used as exhibit eye candy for makers of every conceivable aftermarket add-on.  At times it felt like the entire early new model production had been shipped off to custom builders prepping for the show; together with the many versions of classic Broncos from past generations, there were well over 100 examples on display.  If you happen to be a Bronco fan and want to see more, Bronco Nation has compiled a great list here.  

Best SEMA Show Trucks 2021 - In Conclusion

Our TailHand experience at SEMA was amazing.  In addition to the exposure we received to retailers and others prominent in the industry and SEMA organization, we were honored with the SEMA Truck and Off-Road Alliance New Product of the Year award for the light truck category.  We’ll be back for SEMA in 2022, up and running with full production and, we expect, TailHand installed on multiple display vehicles throughout the show.

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