Tailgate Wars: How Pickup Truck Brands & Accessories Are Innovating on Tailgates

Pickup truck owners have teased each other over their brand preferences for decades. Who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition? Personally, I’ve always been a Ford guy. Many of my friends wouldn’t drive anything but a Chevy, Dodge, or Toyota. They feel as strongly about their favored brand as I do mine and for good reason; over the years, their brand experience has given them the practicality and workability they want and need from their pickup truck ownership.

While we like to tease and compete as pickup truck owners, pickup truck manufacturers take that competition very, very seriously. These manufacturers work tirelessly to know and understand their customer motivators and preferences. This research drives constant product development that, ultimately, delivers benefits for all pickup truck owners. When one brand successfully introduces a new feature innovation, the others are quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Follow along to learn more about why the tailgate is such an integral part of innovation for pick-truck brands.

What Are the Tailgate Wars? 

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge advancement in the versatility of tailgates as pickup truck manufacturers compete in what has become known as “tailgate wars.” While the tailgate is only one among several design features pickup truck manufacturers compete over (anyone who’s paid attention has seen the “grill wars” unfold over the years also) manufacturers are recognizing how important the quality of a tailgate is to potential customers. 

No truck-buyer underestimates the value of the horsepower tucked neatly behind the grill of any pickup, but at the end of the day the business end of the pickup is the tailgate. Pickup truck owners know that next to the driver’s seat, the rear of the truck is where we spend most of our time. The tailgate is where you receive and deliver your payload, talk shop at the job site, and sip on a few cold ones with our buddies at your favorite sporting event. But, perhaps most importantly, the tailgate is where we get work done.

Why a Quality Pickup Tailgate is Necessary - Work!

The tailgate has evolved over the years because of its usefulness on any job site. The tailgate is a ready-made work surface; the mobile workbench in close proximity to the tools of the trade, which are typically carried in a pickup bed. This fact hasn’t gone unnoticed among truck manufacturers. In fact, they’ve constantly evolved the functionality of the tailgate to capitalize on the value pickup truck owners place on the workability of a tailgate. We’ve witnessed some very interesting feature introductions over the years that serve to attract buyers, enable a competitive edge, and further enhance tailgate versatility.

What Are the Modern Pick-Up Truck Tailgate Innovations?

Rapid innovation in the automotive industry is occurring like never before. Pickup truck tailgates are no exception, with the truck brands and tailgate accessories revolutionizing the bed of the pickup.

Creative innovations have come in the form of split tailgates that provide new ways to open and access the bed of the truck. We’ve also seen the addition of tailgate steps, cargo securing features, fold down tailgates, and other innovations that bring new life to what has certainly become anything but a standard tailgate. TailHand has taken the usability of a tailgate even further, with the addition of clamps and dog holes that will lock tools in place, preventing dangerous injuries and allowing tradesmen to work from anywhere. 

The addition of a power supply at the rear of the pickup cargo bed is a recent innovation that has transformed the space. For the first time, pickup owners arrive on the job site with their own dedicated power source to get the job done. No more hauling noisy generators, searching for a power source on site, or having to run extension cords across the building. Power is conveniently accessible whenever you need to use your power tools. 

What Does The Future Look Like for Tailgate Innovations?

With the increase in remote-work and decline in air-travel as a result of COVID-19, the market for features that enable land-based journeys by trucks has grown. As an avid traveler-by-truck, the power supply feature has drastically increased my ability to work remotely from the road. The future of tailgates will certainly be tied into this space.

Automotive accessories like TailHand are tapping into the solutions that current tailgate features lack. The portable workbench will act as a base for countless accessories meant to improve on the ways people use their truck. Be it for work (plumbing, welding, woodworking, landscaping, etc.) or for pleasure (tailgating, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, traveling, camping, etc.) TailHand’s transformative technology will make the tailgate all the more resourceful.

Tailgate Wars - In Conclusion

Valued at USD $166,210 in 2019, Valuates Reports estimates the global pickup truck market size will reach USD $207,720 by the end of 2026. According to Research Nester, SUV sales are projected to reach 53.2 million units by 2027 from 26.8 million units registered in 2017. With this continued growth, manufacturers and aftermarket brands will continue innovating for years to come.

This growth is, in part, the reason TailHand has been introduced in 2021. The market is right for an auto accessory product like TailHand that increases the utility, versatility, and value of pickup trucks and, soon, SUVs. As people look to extract more practicality and workability from their pickups, TailHand is poised to provide both.

To learn more about how TailHand can transform your tailgate, check out the available trades packages 

ources:  https://reports.valuates.com/market-reports/QYRE-Auto-1753/global-pickup-truck  


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