Schuette Metals: What to Know About TailHand’s Manufacturing Partner

Ever since CEO Michael Ruhs came up with the idea for TailHand after a near fatal accident working from his pickup tailgate, he always knew that TailHand would be made in the USA. Today, almost 10 years later, TailHand’s portable tailgate workbench is being manufactured by a brilliant metal fabrication brand based in Wisconsin!

Follow along to learn more about the Schuette Metals x TailHand collaboration and the exciting behind the scenes process that goes into manufacturing a tailgate workbench made of aluminum.

Why Did TailHand Decide to Partner with Schuette Metals? 

Seeking a manufacturing partner from the states, the product team at TailHand was impressed by Schuette Metals metal fabrication operation. Fortunately, just like other tradesmen that do a lot of welding, their impressive leadership believed in TailHand too, and was delighted to work together towards creating the ultimate tailgate workbench.

Throughout the engineering process for the TailHand metal base, Schuette Metals has been critical for manufacturing prototypes (like the ones that you saw at SEMA 2021!), for getting meaningful feedback that helped in creating the TailHand as the ultimate tailgate workbench accessory for any craftsmen, and for gearing up for the official TailHand product launch.

How Does Schuette Metals Build a TailHand?

Schuette Metals welding a Tailhand tailgate workbench

After months of collaboration, back and forth dialogue, engineering work, manufacturing tests, and more, TailHand and Schuette optimized the base for maximum durability and performance and aligned on ironclad and efficient manufacturing processes. 

With the finalized bench design in place, here’s the exact set up steps that go into manufacturing the tailgate workbench accessory:

  1. An automated material handling system pulls the necessary aluminum materials from a stock tower (that’s loaded with durable metal materials,) and places them on the bed of a tool called the fiber laser.
  2. The fiber laser cuts military grade aluminum for a top plate, frame, and bottom plate that will soon make their way onto your tailgate.
  3. A welding crew takes the pieces and welds the top and bottom plate together along with the frame.
  4. Simultaneously, the t-slots and fences are cut to length via an automatic saw. 
  5. All parts are sent to the machining centers to have chamfers and wholes cut as specified by the design. 
  6. The products are brought to the paint line and an in-line e-coat and powder topcoat is applied
  7. Everything is brought to the assembly line, where the perfectly cut t-slots are installed into the platform
  8. The frame, platform and box alongside accessories are placed in the box. 
  9. Boom! Your TailHand is being shipped

The clear takeaway here is that an expert manufacturing team is leveraging state-of-the-art technology to cut, weld, and conjoin the entirety of your tailgate workbench. That same passion that goes into your craft is applied to the TailHand manufacturing process from A to Z

Founded with the goal of improving your truckability via a safe, secure portable workbench, it is a great pleasure pairing with a manufacturing partner with that same drive for perfection and know how to build a durable piece of metal that will fit snugly on your tailgate bed.

To see the metal fabrication process in action, order your TailHand today!

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