How to Measure Your Truck Bed and Tailgate 2022

man working from tailgate

Perhaps you're curious about the length and width of your pickup truck bed, or maybe you need to know the size of the tailgate to determine if your portable tailgate workbench will fit.

Regardless of your exact reason for needing to measure your truck bed and / or tailgate, here's everything you need to know.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Measuring Your Truck Bed Length & Tailgate Width

If you've got measuring tape, measuring your truck bed should be a straightforward effort. Here's the steps to follow for measuring the back of your pickup truck: 

1) Measure the inside of the truck bed, starting with the inside of the bulk head all the way along the bedside rail to the other end of the bed. 

2) Take the number of inches from the tape measure and calculate it in feet (by dividing by 12.) There's your truck bed length!

Keep in mind, if it's not an exact number, you should round to the nearest inch when considering whether or not you can fit something in your truck bed or are considering a tailgate accessory. 

3)  Apply the same approach starting from the inside of the tailgate from one end to the other to determine, and again, divide by 12. That's your tailgate width!

Pretty simple, right! Remember these measurements, as they'll be key as you make decisions with how you'll use your tailgate and determine what size accessories you need!

What Sizes Can You Get a TailHand In?

Now that you've measured the length and width of your truck bed and tailgate, one important question remains: can you get your hands on a TailHand??

At the moment, TailHand is manufactured in two standard sizes for mid-size and full-size pickup trucks. 

TailHand tailgate workbench dimensions

TailHand Dimensions for a Mid-Size Truck: 15" x 52" 

TailHand Dimensions for a Full-Size Truck: 19" x 58"

Whether you're looking for an extra hand on the job site or at the tailgate, the TailHand portable workbench has you covered. Join the TailHand VIP list for early access today!

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