8 Safety Tips on the Construction Site 2022: Keep Yourself Safe at Work

No matter your exact role on the jobsite, your role as a tradesmen is an important one. You owe it to yourself to take the proper precautions.

Follow along for a high level overview of the highest priorities to consider while working in construction at the job site, and some resources for learning the right safety protocols for your specific profession.

8 Pro Tips for Construction Site Safety

Whether you’re new to the trades or want to double check you’ve been taking the right safety procedures, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are some quick tips to keep you safe and secure while you get work done:

Study the Safety Resources for Your Particular Trade

Obviously, a welder has different safety concerns to consider than a carpenter. Yet, any construction role poses dangerous risks if proper precautions aren’t taken. To ensure you’re following the right procedures, explore guidelines from OSHA and other workplace safety resources for your particular role. 

Here are some helpful resources from OSHA for popular construction roles:

Get the Right Certifications and Training

It’s impossible to truly ensure your safety without learning the official procedures. Consider online safety courses, mentorship, and earning the proper certifications before stepping foot on the jobsite. 

Wear the Right Clothing and Gear

proper equipment while working on a job site

Head to toe, you’ll want the proper gear to keep yourself safe from bodily harm. In most cases, a hard hat should always be worn on the jobsite. Non Flammable clothing should be worn to prevent fire damage. Work boots, gloves, and eye protection will ensure no where on your body is in danger.

Pro Tip: Remember that your clothing should be high-visibility! Make yourself easy to spot on the jobsite so that operators can see you and you can be easily spotted in the wake of an accident. 

Don’t Work in Dangerous Weather

Even if you’re feeling pressured to hit a deadline for getting a project done, DON’T ever work during a dangerous storm. While operating machinery, working with electrical wires, or even just doing an outdoor project, put the equipment down and wait it out if thunderstorms or intense rain come about. 

Don’t Strain Your Back Lifting Heavy Items

Severe back pain is awful. And, it can hinder your ability to get back to work quickly. Lift with your legs, and if there’s a forklift on site, don’t hesitate to use it. Lifting heavy things unnecessarily is an injury waiting to happen.

Use Clamps & Dog Holes to Lock in Equipment

Tailhand clamps and dogholes

Power tools can pose a serious risk if they’re not secure and locked in. A good workbench should include clamps that lock in things like power saws to ensure they are in place before you’re leveraging the sharp blades to get stuff done.

With the TailHand portable tailgate workbench, any tool can be locked in safely and securely in the bed of your truck, meaning you can work with power tools anywhere.

Always Have Your Cell Phone Handy

If you’re working alone, the last thing you want is to be stranded all alone if an accident happens. Keep your cell phone handy, so you can call emergency services and get help as soon as possible in the wake of a major injury.

Remember, you can call 911 during an emergency even without service.

Don’t Work Carelessly From the Bed of Your Truck

Picture this: you’re all alone in the deep woods of Wisconsin. You need to use a saw to cut a log, but the only workbench you have available is your truck tailgate. As you try and hold the log in place as you use your chainsaw, the saw slips, nearly cutting your leg wide open. Without anyone nearby, you’d have been left all alone.

This is the true story that could’ve been a fatal accident for TailHand founder Michael Ruhs. Fortunately, the chainsaw was caught at the last possible moment, cutting open his jeans but leaving his leg unscathed. That’s when Michael realized, “there has to be a tailgate workbench that can act as a second set of hands while I’m working.” After a quick Google search, he realized that no such product existed, and TailHand was born.

Construction workers use their tailgate to get things done constantly. Don’t let an un-secure power tool be your downfall. Install TailHand’s secure tailgate workbench in just a few moments, and use the state of the art dog holes and clamps to lock your TailHand accessories and favorite tools in place. Sign up with your email today to be the first to get your hands on a TailHand!

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