7 Ways to Make Money With Your Pickup Truck 2022

Anyone that drives a pickup truck probably does so because they’re as versatile as vehicles come. For work or for pleasure, the list of ways you could use your truck would probably be a mile long!

If you’re looking to make a career using a pickup truck, or just want to make some sweet side cash with your wise investment in a vehicle, you’ve come to the right place.

Follow along for a list of the best ways to make money with a pickup truck.

How to Make Money With a Pickup Truck in 2022

1. Become a Tradesmen 

Welder working from TailHand pickup tailgate workbench

Construction is a fantastic moneymaker and one of those industries that will be there no matter what. If you’re looking to use your pickup truck for a career path, becoming a craftsman is an excellent choice. 

If you’re new to your selected craft, consider kicking things-off by working as an apprentice or junior-level employee for an existing construction business. Here are some of the most popular trades for you to consider jumping into:

  • Welder
  • Electrician 
  • Plumber
  • Painting contractor
  • Landscaper
  • Carpenter 

  • How Your Truck Will Come in Handy: Obviously, the bed of your truck makes for a great storage space for your tools and equipment. With the TailHand tailgate workbench and construction accessories, you’ll be able to work safely and securely from the bed of your truck. 

    2. Rent Your Truck

    If you’re looking for an easy side hustle, renting your truck out is a great way to go. Apps like Turo make it simple for customers to rent your truck for extended periods of time, from a day to a week or beyond. Bungii is another simple on-demand platform for customers to borrow your car in real-time

    3. Start a Furniture Moving Business

    Anyone that’s moved furniture without a box truck or pickup truck knows that it’s a major pain in the butt! Help your community move with ease by assisting people in transporting their furniture to their new pad. 

    4. Uber or Lyft Driving

    Just like cars, pickup trucks with a back seat are well suited to handle taxi drives around the neighborhood. As long as your ride is less than 15 years old, your pickup truck is eligible to be an Uber.

    5. Delivery Driving - Food or Supplies

    Whether you’re driving food, equipment, or merchandise, the bed of your pickup truck holds a lot of value for any local business looking to get items from point a to point b. Get in touch with businesses that need equipment delivered, and let them know that you’re available to assist as needed. 

    6. Snow Plowing

    Clearing a driveway or parking lot with a shovel can be a backbreaking and tedious task that can take hours. Residents and business owners with physical locations in your town would surely rather pass the task off to you. If you acquire a snow plow and your CDL license, you can make great money during the cold winter months plowing with your pickup truck 

    7.Towing Business

    Pickup trucks aren’t what necessarily comes to mind when thinking of a tow truck. That being said, the durability and shear strength of a pickup makes it well suited to handle moving vehicles. 

    Let people in your community know you’re happy to lend a hand if they break down, and let businesses / government entities in tow away zones that your in-business and ready to help. 

    Making Money With a Truck - In Conclusion 

    You made a wise economic decision to choose such a versatile vehicle. Now, its time to put that pick-up to use. If you’re looking for a full time business, consider picking up a trade, starting a towing business, or getting your CDL to plow snow. For some quick side cash, consider renting your truck, Ubering, or becoming a part-time delivery driver.

    Regardless of your profession of choice, TailHand is made to make your life easier by transforming your tailgate into a versatile, safe mobile workstation. Increase your Truckability by purchasing your TailHand today.

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